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Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what other music makers in the TS community are saying ...

"These samples... define the quality, sheen, emotional, impactful, and BIG sound that I have come to know from all the other packs available! Highly recommended!"

— M@ (Paul mabury)

"If there’s one pack that everyone absolutely needs in their collection, it’s this. It’s simple but always gets the job done."

~ Keagan (Organic Percussion)

"Human elements are essential... it's what the robots can't copy and it's the most expressive qualities that these samples will bring out."

~ Thomas (Boots + Claps)

"To this day, this is the most responsive library I've ever seen. I love these."

~ Jason (Drumline)

"This library can give your ITB rhythm section a soul. You've probably already heard it blended into tracks on the radio hundreds of times over. Very happy with the kind of humanlike results I've been able to craft with this library."

~ Drew (Organic)