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by Kyle Hicks •

multi-velocities one-shots oneshots roland sample sample pad sampling spd-sx spdsx velocities

Two Worlds Collide: TS Samples + SPD-SX

So you just bought a drum sample library from That Sound. You had to wait on the library to download, so you went and fixed yourself some coffee while the progress bar did its thing and now you're all set. With a fresh cup of coffee at your side and an appetite for creativity, you rummage through the folders of the library you just purchased and plan out perfectly which samples you're going to use and which pads you're going to use them on with your Roland SPD-SX. You've picked out your sounds and you're ready to go. Now what? How do you go from planning to playing? How do you take these samples from a folder on your computer and put them into your SPD-SX in the most efficient way possible? Not to worry. We have a few approaches that will get you going in the right direction. Keep reading...